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Threat Classification Authors

Page history last edited by Robert Auger 14 years, 4 months ago

The following individuals were involved in the authoring, and peer review of the Threat Classification v1 and v2 .


Syed Mohamed A Eldad Chai (Imperva) Brad Hill (iSec Partners, Inc) Mike Shema Michael Sutton
Vicente Aguilera Bil Corry Achim Hoffmann Ory Segal (IBM) Satoru Takahashi
Josh Amishav-Zlatin Vicente Aguilera Díaz Sverre H. Huseby Prasad Shenoy (KPMG LLP) Chet Thomas
Robert Auger * (WASC/CGISecurity/PayPal) Sacha Faust Amit Klein Ofer Shezaf Bedirhan Urgun (Turkcell)
Ryan Barnett (Blog) JD Glaser Mitja Kolsek Caleb Sima Joe White
Yuval Ben-Itzhak Romain Gaucher (Cigital, Inc.) Aaron C. Newman Andy Steingruebl (PayPal) John Terrill
Albert Caruana Sergey V. Gordeychik (Positive Technologies / Blog) Steve Orrin (Intel Corp.) Scott Stender (iSec Partners, Inc) Steve Jensen (BT)
Emilio Casbas Jeremiah Grossman Bill Pennington Stefan Strobel Diana Desrocher (George Washington University)
Erik Caso Daniel Herrera Ray Pompon Daniela Strobel Shakeel Ali
Cesar Cerrudo Seth Hardy Kate Riley Cecil Su Tom Stripling
Jeff Ichnowski Joren McReynolds Chris Shiflett (Analog)    


 * Threat Classification Project Leader

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